Merchants' Alley

“If one can’t find it in the Merchants’ Alley, it’s probably illegal. Try the Docks.”

The Merchants’ Alley runs from fairly close to the north gate along a line curving with the northeast wall down to near the western gate. True to the name, there are many shops selling merchandise made both locally and from outside of Stilthe. There are locally-made goods from the factories outside the south wall, like barrels and rope – and also cottage-industry goods from locals of the north and south quarters.

Shops in the Alley:

Moore’s Magic
Hammer and Tongs
The Garden of Paradise
Ropes and more Ropes
Gems and Gold
The Bookweaver
Only the Beast Supplies
Savage and Blade
Banner and Trump

Districts of Stilthe
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Merchants' Alley

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