And at night along the dusky highway, near and nearer drawn
Sees above the light of Stilthe flaring like a dreary dawn.
-Sir Artorius

Stilthe is many things:

It is inherently a confused place, with so many people living in close proximity to each other. It is divided into four official districts surrounded by a stone wall with guard posts, though there is construction outside the city walls.

Social Strata

Stilthe has quite a few social strata – and while it is “simple” to change from one class to another, it is difficult to join the ruling class, and expensive.

The Ruling Class of Stilthe consists of, from most powerful to least:

Empress, Wealthy Lords, Non-Wealthy Lords, Judges, Masters of the Book, and some Captains of Industry.

The Broad Middle Class includes some Lords, Land-Owners, Nobility, Factory Owners, Bankers, and Merchants.

The Lower Class consists of household labour, factory labour, guards, the city watch, and almost everyone else.

The Underclasses are those of criminals (who generally come from the lower class, though their leaders may be from a higher class or even the ruling class.), prisoners, and slaves.

Slaves in Galea are typically not people uprooted from where they lived – but rather those who have been driven into such debt that they are convinced to sell their labour for an indefinite period of time, or prisoners who trade their release for a period of work (usually longer than their sentence, but at least it’s outside of prison)

Districts in Stilthe

North Quarter (School of Magic)

South Quarter (Cranbow Cradle)




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