South Quarter

The South Quarter is the home of the less well-off, the urban proletariat, and factory workers who live in the city full-time. It is connected by bridges across the river to the docks and the north quarter, but not to Rockholm. It is also connected to one of the most infamous buildings in Stilthe, Cranbow Cradle.

People live in varying levels of squalor – though poverty here in Stilthe is markedly better than rural poverty. The Hammerite Church provides free electricity to those who are worst-off, though this is usually just one bare light in the common area of an apartment.

There are a number of old churches in this quarter that no one has bothered to demolish. Several are abandoned after the crackdown on “pagans” some time ago. One notable one is the [[Church of St. Bethesda]]

One hundred years ago, the Cradle was an institution for the insane. The first of its’ kind, and one of the first buildings to incorporate electricity into the design. It was hailed as one of the premier facilities for the deranged and distraught. Later, it was an orphanage. Later still, shortly before the fire that claimed its’ residents’ lives, it was both at once. People still avoid that corner of town if they can today.

Factories have sprung up along the south wall, and outside – though most factories at this time are little more than a glorified workshop with ten to twenty workers, more people are entrepreneurs. Factories of this kind are in the reach of all but the poorest nobles, and some of the richer South-Quarter families.

There are many street vendors, like the North Quarter, selling their goods from push-carts on the street – but the streets are narrower and more crowded, giving the impression that they’re more aggressive.

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South Quarter

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