North Quarter

This is the Wealthier side of town, composed of walled manor grounds near the river, and row houses internally. In this District, the Merchants’ Alley extends all the way from the School of Magic’s Tower to the Eastern Gate, forming an almost continuous line broken up by several courtyards and perpendicular streets. As well, “The Tree” is near the Tower.

The School of Magic is a fairly closed community of Wizards and Sorcerers, among other magical specialists, who train together under the masters. They accept new applicants on the basis of natural affinity. It is composed of a tall tower with what seems like more space inside than out – and a library that measurably goes back further than the land near the bay should allow. In fact, there is always enough room to add new books.

Interestingly, the first building to appear within the walls of Stilthe has appeared here, taking the place of a swordsmith’s shop. There is no sign of the shop or of the shopkeeper. It is commonly referred to as The Building.

Districts of Stilthe
North Quarter South Quarter
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North Quarter

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