The Hammerite Religion, or Way of the Master Builder, is a dogmatic, universal-church religion spread throughout the Galean Empire. Its tenets state that the ways of nature and the old gods are inferior to the ways of the church and mechanization. However, it is less violent in the promotion of these beliefs than it once was.

The Master Builder, himself, is a powerful God of Order. His true name has been mostly lost to time, but may be found by someone somewhere. Needless to say, The Builder has existed for far longer than the Hammerites.

The Orders

There are multiple orders within the church: The Order of the Forge, The Order of the Gear, and The Order of the Book – each of which is broken up into Acolytes, Brothers, and Masters.

The Order of the Forge is the order associated with Paladins, the Imperial Guard, Priests-Errant, blacksmithing, metalcrafting, and combat. Masters of the Forge are often very proficient warriors, and some find they are ill-suited to the change of pace associated with desk-work.

(Jerero, one of the PCs, is a Brother of the Forge)

The Order of the Book is the order associated with Priests assigned to a community, day-to-day religious practices of the church, and administration. They also handle clerical duties, though many Brothers of the Forge also do healing work. As religious administration, Masters of the Book can set regulations for other Orders as well.

(Jal and Jerero’s mother was a Sister of the Book)

The Order of the Gear is a relatively new order. Acolytes are assigned to study mechanical theory and work on maintaining a generator. Brothers of the Gear are primarily priests-errant, mechanics, and engineers. Masters of the Gear are intensively focused towards developing new technologies.

(Wilhorn, another PC, is a Brother of the Gear.)

The Mechanists

See The Mechanists page.


The Hammerite Central Temple in the Rockholme district of Stilthe provides the electricity used to light the streets of Stilthe along with the houses of nobles and commoners alike, for a fee. The royalties generated by this provide for the incomes of many of those who administer the church.


According to the tenets of the master builder, the Emperor (or Empress) of Galea is the embodiment and incarnation of the master builder himself. However, no one seems to take this very seriously anymore.

Masters, after passing their examinations, make rules for their Order, and assign those duties. They also spend a great deal of time in meditation and contemplation of the builder, and have special assignments depending on their Order.

Masters of the Book can make rules for all the Orders.


Scripture is important to the Church, and there is lots of it.

Pieces of writing include:

Tenets of the Master Builder

Proverbs, Prayers and Parables


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