Jimmy the Knife

Master Thief, retired.


Several decades ago, there was a very cliché’d story: an orphan boy turns to crime to support himself, and bites off a little more than he can chew when he decides to break into the mage tower. He runs into the headmaster at the time, who takes a liking to this genuinely good person in horrible circumstances. The rings he gives to Jimmy let him break into any building with ease, and evade any glance as well.

The Thieves’ Guild in Stilthe became interested in Jimmy shortly thereafter, and he rose through their ranks faster than anyone else ever has. He moved from actively thieving and looting to ordering others out. In a book of memoirs he wrote, he remarked about not being able to trust anyone, and missing the thrill of breaking into hidden places. He had fond memories of breaking into the First Galean Bank and Credit – by and large the most secure building in the whole of the empire.

He dropped off the map with one last break-in: [[Cranbow Cradle]], 30 years ago, 20 years after the fire.

No one has heard anything about Jimmy since, or his rings – and no one knows for certain whether or not he remains alive.

update: Jimmy the Knife was seen wandering the Market.

update: The rings were found by the party on the person of the Grey Lady, who was using them in the Cradle. It isn’t known whether she took them by force from Jimmy or merely found them.

Jimmy the Knife

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