Marrick is 19 years old, and has spent “all” of it traveling. He has seen the oceans on both sides of Galea, been into the desert on the north, and to the south. He is a master of trivia about Galea and pretty good with languages. If you want to know who someone is, where some place is, or what something says, Marrick is typically a good place to start.

Marrick has a few problems with authority. Well, maybe more than a few. His favourite holiday is “Mad Pelagius” day, celebrating the burning of mad Emperor Pelagius. Marrick will seldom pass up a chance to tweak authority, especially when they are doing something foolish. Marrick has a special dislike for Priest, specifically Hammerite priests, but recently there have been one or two that have caused Marrick to soften his stance. We shall see how long it lasts.

Recently, Marrick has just returned to Stilthe. Marrick doesn’t particularly like Stilthe, probably because it is the center of authority in Galea, and the center for the Hammerite Church, and the druids. But, he is there with some friends, currently investigating strange appearances (and disappearances) in the city. On the side, he is looking into the activities of a strange new cult, and the odd happenings with the lines of power. Marrick has a strong suspicion that all these events are related, and can be traced back to elements of the Hammerite Church.


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