Galean Chronicles

The Story so Far 1

A Recap

The Party met while taking shade under a tree outside of Barton’s Bridge. The Sheriff/Captain of the Guard of that tiny village approached them, declaring that he needed their help. The Mayor had been murdered the previous night.

The party agreed, and spent the next two days investigating the crime scene and interrogating locals. It turned out that the villain was the Leader of the Organized Farmers, a regional Farmers’ Guild. They arrested him attempting to escape, and a swift but fair trial was enacted before he was shipped off to the prison at Stilthe

The party, their needs in town met, progressed further south, stopping in at Athorti of the Sky, a large trading town. Jordan, the Captain of the Guard of Athorti, announced his desire for help in resolving a siege.

The Monks at the monastery north of Athorti were under a peaceful siege by a group of mercenaries led by druids. The druids claimed they were the rightful owners of the monastery – though their more pressing desire was to a certain magical staff, The Heartstaff of Ironwood.

Surprisingly, the party managed to broker a peaceful deal between the Monks and the Druids.

And after attending the festival the next day, they set out.

Something very strange happened the night after. During second watch, late at night, Marrick was startled to see a completely naked man cross the road right in front of him. He seemed confused about where he was, and insisted he lived in Stilthe, at an address Marrick had never heard of.

But just as Marrick was trying to figure out where this individual came from, he disappeared without a trace. Usually when someone teleports or is teleported, there is a magical remnant left behind for at least a moment. But in this case, there was none.

They then proceeded to Stilthe – and after two minor stops along the way to help people in need, settled in.


Dagfari Dagfari

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