Galean Chronicles

Jerero's Dream

On the night before Jerero found the prophecy

Jerero speaks softly, but confidently about what he experienced to the party.

“Mad brilliant colors surround me, insane hues that for a moment defeat my vision. Then I saw shapes, but no meaning. In utter silence, these shapes twist and contort around me, then darkness.

Suddenly I find myself standing far above Stilthe – it stretches from horizon to horizon. For a moment, vertigo grips me but soon I realize I am standing on solid ground.

Looking around, I find myself in an office much like the one we have explored, however this one is evidently in active use. There are people doing work on machines of the type we saw the previous day. They are dressed in a foreign manner that I have not seen before, but that does not concern me.

I am dressed in much the same way: black coat, dark brown shirt and pants. Around my neck, a red amulet with the sign of the hammer.

At my hip, there appears to be a small deadly projectile weapon. I am unsure of drawing such a thing in a public space. I try to peer into the souls of those individuals present, but cannot see anything. The harder I try, the more my head starts to ache. This somewhat annoys me.

I turn to look out the window again across the city. The building I am standing in, is by a measure the tallest – I cannot begin to describe how vast the city is, but there appear to be distinct districts to it, each of which is much larger than the whole of Stilthe as it stands today.

I decide to go to ground level, and take the elevator down. I notice that I am on the top floor – 111 levels. After a short time, I step off the elevator and out into the lobby.

Behind me I hear a voice “Leaving so soon, Jerald?” I turn around to see the one who spoke; he is a guard at a desk and looks at me suspiciously “It’s barely even ten.”

I notice the same sort of projectile weapon on the guard’s belt, and without a marker of the individual’s demeanor, (I am unsure of how to react. I was not sure if I have done something wrong? Am I permitted to exit?)

I reply “Yes. I have decided to leave early today. Is that a problem?”

The guard replies “Yeah, later it might be, with your boss – but it’s your choice after all. Enjoy the rest of the day.”

I breathe a sigh of relief. I turn, walk to the doors, steps outside, and as the warm air from outside strikes my face, I wake up” mm


Dagfari Dagfari

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