The campaign concerns five travellers, who met together in the shade of a lone tree outside of Barton’s Bridge, but were drawn into investigating a murder together.

After leaving Barton’s Bridge, they managed to broker a peace deal between the technocratic, universal-church Hammerites and a group of druids who were seeking the Heartstaff of Ironwood – a powerful magical item capable of indefinitely supporting the food needs of many soldiers.

They encountered a very confused, naked man on the road south of that town – he said he lived in Stilthe – but that was several days’ travel away. Just as he finished giving his address, he disappeared. No one is familiar with the address, and his sudden disappearance left no magical traces.

In Stilthe, they discover that what they witnessed is part of an ongoing problem – objects and people (and a whole building, too) appearing and disappearing without leaving any magical traces behind.

Even more astonishing, the Beams of Power that have remained a constant since the world was created are flickering.

They seem to lead to more encounters with the strange and mysterious cult dedicated to some god called the King in Yellow, and through the door in the basement of Macrin Manor (one of the prime nobles of the city and exchequer of the Hammerite Central Temple) they discover another world – or at least their own, far in their future.

Experience for Updates

Any player that posts their character’s recent actions, accomplishments, and interactions will receive 10% of the XP they need for the next level before the beginning of the next session. Rewards will also be given for updating character profiles, adding NPC’s, and posting items.

Galean Chronicles

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